The Team are passionate
about filmmaking

Drago Lazetich


With over 20 years of acting, directing and filmmaking experience, Drago Lazetich has been working China cinema, television shows, blockbuster films and alongside acclaimed film industry professionals. He is the lead foreign actor for China's blockbuster The 800, international release in 2020. Drago is also the lead actor for Shanghai Story feature film, released in 2020.His empowerment acting workshops using The Lazetich System, was founded in 2016. He is also a lecturer for acting and film production for Shanghai Vancouver Film School, Jiangxi University, Dong Hua University and many more.

Drago Lazetich Director's Show Reel

Drago Lazetich Director's Show Reel

Mondelez Brand, China

Solarfun Brand, China

Mohammed - Short Film

Marianne Kaulima


Marianne is from New Zealand and has had over 20 years of publishing and advertising media. She specializes in promotions and marketing for independent clients along with a passion for supporting the artistic community. She has worked with charitable and non-profit organizations as fund-raiser and sponsorships co-ordinator. As well as being as a producer, she has also acted in minor roles and appeared in China's awarded best TV Show Diplomatic Situation, 2019.

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Timothy Giovanni


Timothy Giovanni is an American animator, best known for animation in short films and commercials in local China and globally. He is currently in position as technical director (TD) at Crashdown Studio, founding the studio with Pierre De Celles in 2014.

Notable Filmography:

  • Creature Animation, monster demon, 3D Max, After Effects  - "Analysis" by Richard Trombly (2007)

  • Digital Animator, Toonboom Harmony, After Effects - "Christmas Animation Promo" by OBag (2017-18)

  • Digital Animator, Editor - Toonboom Harmony, After Effects, Premiere - "Close Encounters of the EU"  by Delegation to the EU (2016)

  • Writer and Concept Design - "Feathertop" - Animated Movie produced at Crashdown Studio (2017)

  • Animator,Creator and Writer - "Why on Earth?" - Web Series - Produced at Crashdown Studio (2018)

Game Design

  • Digital Animator - Toonboom Harmony,

  • After Effects - "Sal & Mander"

  • iOS Game - 2016

Daniel Drescher


Daniel Drescher is a sales and marketing professional with extensive experience in China, Asia Pacific and the USA. His passion soars in the industry of E-Commerce, film, blockchain, travel and F&B. Daniel has more than 11 years of working in dynamic and global business enviornments, from both B2B and B2C sales points. His competences include Mandarin Chinese, Asian rto Latin-based linguistics, Asia Pacific business culture and a solid IT background. Daniel is originally from the USA and travels internationally to meet requirements of global clientele.