How it all began ...

Launched in April 2015, the new filmmakers networking event for the film industry STAY IN CHARACTER! began with founders, Drago Lazetich, and Marianne Kaulima, who partnered with China Indie Film. Today, Tim Giovanni from Crashdown Studio has joined the team. For our independent production studio, STAY IN CHARACTER! Productions create an award winning short film, "Little Milo" in 2018 and is still making the international film festival circuits this year. STAY IN CHARACTER! Productions is also production house, while still supporting filmmakers, screenings and event options.

The purpose of the STAY IN CHARACTER! Filmmakers Network is to connect everyone from stage, video and film backgrounds for sharing helpful resources and network with each other. Film directors, producers, executives and professionals are invited to have open discussions and develop connections “No man is an island,” Drago Lazetich states, “We all need each other. 150+ attended our first event at making it a success, and showing us that there is a need for such a gathering. We would like to make it sustainable and to happen regularly.” The community has grown from China’s  development of acquiring international talent in recent years. The economy of film has China building larger studios and production houses to meet a demand for entertainment, performances and cultural activities. Our future plans include screening local and international projects in different cities around the globe and are open to collaboration with interested partners. We have a PATREON account for members who are also for our followers to become involved.

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SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL OUR SPONSORS. After 8 events over 4 years, our sponsors come from all fields of business. Here are some of them that have supported us and we're always forever grateful. Our venue sponsors have also been some of Shanghai's most fabulous places hosting our screenings.

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