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This site is dedicated in memory to Drago Lazetich (1964-2023), writer, director, filmmaker, actor, producer and co-founder of STAY IN CHARACTER! Productions. Collaborating with Panda Pictures Film and associates. 




PANDA PICTURES have a new project called Little Witch
Quentin and Lisa of Panda Pictures aligned with Leon Constantine from Narwhal Productions to create a project, the Little Witch story. Jamie Pan from Madpan Films assisted in initial drafts of the script. The production cinematography Bebi joins the group.

Drago Lazetich is lead actor in this comedy romance, a role he took on working with the film's director Andrej Iliev and lead actress Emilie OHana. All three talented individuals spent many years building up successful filmmaking and acting careers in China. Drago and Emilie, the best of the few international actors that lived in China from the early 2000's bonded with filmmaker Andrej over his script in the Former French Concession of Shanghai. Shanghai Story began as a modest short film project in 2017 with the original plot intriguing local and international audiences. After many global film festival awards, investment and distribution, the final feature film is now on Amazon Prime. They all leave legacies in this rich tapestry of human relationships and friendships of the expat life in Shanghai and China. 

An action-drama short film follows David and a mysterious woman, whose paths collide and interwine along the way. A Punch For A Buck is written and directed by Jamie Pan and is dedicated to the late director and mentor Drago Lazetich. It is a powerful story of overcoming the odds without risking integrity and honor.

A shout out to our film friends for LEECH is a pulse-pounding psycho-thriller that aims to bring edgy entertainment to the adult viewer starring Paolo Guglielmini, written and directed by Pier Mazzi.

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