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SIC! Projects

Our late founder Drago Lazetich and his partner Marianne Kaulima started STAY IN CHARACTER! in 2015 with a vision and mission to unite the filmmakers' industry. Starting in Shanghai's attractive bustling social scene and screens, they hosted events, screenings and promoted others and works. We continue with Drago's legacy with productions made with film associates and industry creatives to continue inspiring projects and showcasing the many talents of cast and crew!

Current Productions

FLOW film written by Drago Lazetich and Rick Glen is in the process of looking for investment and casting for 2024-2025. Please contact us for more information. See more


In association with Jamie Pan, Stay In Character! is looking for interested partners for A Punch For A Buck dedicated to Drago.



SIC! events were a highlight to meet new acquaintances in the film industry for collaboration, creative work, business and socialising in Shanghai's top venues. See more



SIC! workshops were for all age groups and levels. From Meisner to pantomine as well as action choreography. Comng in 2024 will be screen 
reading get together in Kogarah. More announcements will be made.

See more



Several filmmakers debuted their first films at SIC! networking events and went on to be award winning in the international film market. See more

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